"Diamond Ace"
Selfy drawn at the staff mtg.

Kia ora!



This is Carlos.

An Educational Researcher,

A Multimedia designer,

A weirdo.

As a Bourdieusian Researcher,

I may define my website as my "field".

Thanks for entering. 

You are in a field where I am the

"Diamond Ace".

Blog Update | 一些还活着的证明

Latest: 14 Apr

Took in Auckland CBD, New Zealand



Love to live, 

or live to love?

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As a critical time is approaching,
Let me know the word you would like say to me,
if you cannot see me again in a forseeable future.

I am doing a job hunting in educational research positions worldwide.

Check my resume here:

Liuning, "all-rounder in faculty of education"

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